Founded in  October 2014, Circuit Tech Machinery UK Ltd is the brainchild of Andy Prince and no one is better qualified to act as parent of this fast-growing enterprise.

Andy has been actively involved with the printed circuit board industry in the United Kingdom for the last thirty-five years, beginning his career with Excellon, selling Unidrills and pin routers before moving on to serve with Everett Charles on sales of  test equipment to the OEMs in the electronics assembly field. This led him to develop, back in 1990, his own MPS 3000 board tester, and for four years this highly successful machine kept Andy working flat out, and so much so that he was bought out by Circuit Test Inc.

It was Stuart Hayton at Mania who then snapped him up, before Andy went on to manage Saker Circuit Services in 1998, specialising in the procurement and sales of second-hand PCB manufacturing equipment to meet rising demands. In 2002 he started another company, AP Machinery Ltd., who sold a full portfolio of used equipment and is still in busy operation to this day.

Three years with Viking Test on wet processing equipment gave him the necessary experience in the sector to take advantage of a timely opportunity.

It was thanks to a Customer that led to an introduction to Circuit Tech Machinery Co. Ltd., in Shenzhen, who were looking for someone to take on the distribution of their wet processing equipment in Europe. In Andy they found the man they were looking for, and he now heads up this small but burgeoning company who are finding a great demand for their products in both the metal etching and circuit board industries.

Andy has worked with Circuit Tech to produce intelligent systems, whereby wet processing lines can be have unlimited pre-set menus to meet differing requirements, and complex equipment configurations require only minimal operator supervision.

Circuit Tech have been building wet process lines for over fifteen years, and have over 3000 lines installed. One of their strengths is the ability to complete a build within 45 days from receipt of order, and their staff of 150 includes many English-speaking engineers.

Partnering with Andy at CT UK is Jeff Cox. Jeff has many years of pcb production experience and also machinery installation and support. Derrick Walters is also a valued member of the team having spent many years working for Hollmuller. Derrick’s son Chris works on most of our installations having been well trained by his Father.

Andy has a straight-forward approach to supply and demand, seeing it as a marriage between two compatible partners, with either side ensuring that the union is working to mutual benefit.  Andy would perhaps be the first to deny that he hardly looks like a vicar, but his crusade since October has won over the hearts (possibly) and minds (certainly) of new customers who are euphoric in their comments about why they placed their orders with Circuit Tech.