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Printed circuit boards

  • Preclean – dry film / soldermask
  • Brushing
  • Copper filtration
  • Develop – dry film / soldermask
  • Etch – cupric, ferric and ammonia
  • Film Strip
  • DES
  • Alternative oxide
  • Deburr
  • Direct metallisation – Blackhole, Eclipse, Shadow, ViaKing, Onyx
  • Tin strip
  • SES
  • HASL pre and post clean
  • Copper reduction
  • Final wash
  • Rinse dryer

Chemical milling / metal etching

  • Preclean
  • Brushing
  • Develop
  • Etch
  • Film Strip
  • DES
  • Final wash
  • Rinse dryer

General equipment features

  • Auto start stop – line goes into standby when last panel exits – pumps go into stir mode while temperatures are maintained. Line restarts when a panel is placed on the input
  • Sequential pump start up to avoid current surge
  • Maintenance mode provides individual on/off of all functions
  • Water saving fresh rinse feed shut off if a line is not in use
  • Panel counter
  • Alarm history
  • Dual touchscreen control for long or through wall lines
  • Free standing electrical cabinet an option (NEMA 3)
  • Sump wall and floor thickness up to 20mm and triple welded
  • Sump floor slopes to the rear for thorough draining and cleaning
  • Front/rear or top/front glass doors/lids provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • All access points on chemical modules are protected preventing pumps being on if access is opened
  • All front access is by double doors
  • Spray frames and bars are easily removed. All fitted with in line filters
  • External filters are easy access
  • Electrical components are fitted for local voltages, we do not use transformers. Long term maintenance is then possible using locally scourced components
  • Comprehensive on site spares packages available at cost price only
  • Local safety standards recognised and adhered to (eg. CE / UL)
  • Conveyor roller shafts are sequentially numbered to ensure easy correct refitting after cleaning or maintenance
  • Each module has a roller configuration diagram fitted


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